Project Spirit

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a 2002 American animated adventure film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook directed the film. The movie celebrates its 20th anniversary, and my project was to create an interactive horse to bring back memories to its lovers.

First, I had to think about how the legs and horse’s neck would move with a wheel turn. After researching, I found a software called “Linkage.” using this software, I created the mechanism I need with the rotating wheels.

Then I drew a horse and matched it with the mechanism. After that, I went on to plan the project using lines. Each line is 1mm thickness for me to decide my plywood thickness.

I was excited about this project as I am a big fan of the movie. The first attempt was a complete fail as I missed some crucial elements. The second attempt was no better than the first one. Most of my 2mm plywood was too delicate to handle and broken on the first rotation. 


I knew my mistakes after trying twice, so I redesigned the whole plane and made some crucial changes. To get more accuracy, I took the plan to the illustrator, and the third attempt failed too. Some wheels were too close to each other, and the middle holding part was moving. 


After carefully redesigning the whole project for the fourth time, I managed to succeed. I even design some mandalas to go with my design. It wasn’t 100%, but it was a win. 


5th time lucky, I finally managed to put this project together.